YOUNG ROOTS– Teenagers - past, present and future

LAST UPDATED 12 December 2006

Project summary
Teenagers – past, present and future has been a year long project funded by Heritage Lottery and Erewash Borough Council. Based in Cotmanhay, the aim of the project has been for young people from Bennerly School to make a film about their local history. The theme for the film was to focus on events and issues that affected the lives of young people in the past.

Project content
Through the project young people were given opportunities to:
• Visit local libraries and museums as part of research activities.
• Discuss their findings with representatives from local historical societies.
• Develop a story for their film through Drama workshops
• Take part in training activities around camera work and filming techniques
• To hold a celebration event; screening their film to friends, family and community organisations.

By participating in this project the young people were able to:
• Increase their confidence
• Develop new skills
• Connect to their local heritage, and
• Identify with the lives of young people in the past.

The Finished Film – TIME FRACTURE
The young people created a story that saw a group of pupils travel through time and use their History homework to help save innocent people from dangerous situations in the past.

The events the young people used in the film were:
• a cricket match riot in Ilkeston in 1855,
• an accident at Bennerley pump house in 1874, and
• the Zeppelin air raid of 1916, that damaged part of the Bennerley Viaduct

The film was developed and produced in collaboration with Groundwork's Imagination Lab and the theatre group Oddsocks productions.

For more information about this project please:
e-mail Kevin Widdowson or call him on 0115-949-0235.

Extracts of the historical research for the film.

Cricket match Riot

A letter to the Ilkeston News and South Derbyshire Advertiser – 04/08/1855

Sir, - In your last issue but one there was a challenge for a civil game of cricket, and the preliminaries were to be arranged at the “Oleybush” at Cotmanhay. Well, the game has been played and O! what a prostitution of the word civil.

Imagine to yourself all the scum of Ilkeston, Cotmanhay, Shipley Wood, Marlpool, Heanor and Tag Hill, all the gleanings of street ends and road nuisances, all the dog fighters, poachers and thieves, all the most ignorant, drunken and obscene amoungst the bad from each place, joined by a number of females of doubtful character, and you will form a poor conception of the “civil” people who met to play this civil game of cricket.

Pumping engine accident

The Ilkeston Pioneer 02/04/1874

Shocking Accident – On Sunday afternoon last an accident of a most distressing nature occurred at Bennerley, to a Boy, about eleven years of age, whose parents reside at Cotmanhay, Ilkeston. It appears the youth endeavoured to get upon the connecting beam of a pumping engine, and whilst making the attempt the crank caught him and nearly severed his head from his body.

Zeppelin raid

The Ilkeston Pioneer 31/01/1916

It is somewhat remarkable that during the first performance of a play, entitled “the enemy in our midst” – to which the public had been invited to “see the great Zeppelin raid” – On Monday night there was a Zeppelin raid in reality, and the “enemy” were actually “in our midst.” As early as half past six o’clock, one or more Zeppelins had been seen and heard over the town, but no alarm was created, the impression being that they were friendly aircraft. However, a little before half-past eight o’clock, several flashes in the sky were followed by tremendous detonations at intervals of only a few seconds. It was quickly realised that the Germans had really put in an appearance.

The Ilkeston Pioneer 1929

The Zeppelin unfortunately killed two men and left its mark at Stanton Ironworks and Bennerley Viaduct, besides other places on Jan 31st 1916

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