trowell marshes lnr ilkeston

Grid ref: SK479397

Owner: Erewash Borough Council

Designated LNR: 1996

Main partners: EBC, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust


Main habitat types

  • Marsh
  • Pond
  • Hawthorn scrub
  • Neutral grassland

Trowell Marsh Nature Reserve is adjacent to Nutbrook Junction. It is bordered on three sides by the River Erewash to the north, the Erewäsh Canal to the west and the railway to the east There is limited access to the nature reserve but It can be viewed from the canal towpath.

Again, because of the work associated with the canal and railway, Trowell Marsh has a variation in its landscape, giving rise to a number of small habitats which support a wide range of species. As a result of this, it is recorded as a site of nature conservation in the Derbyshire Wildlife Sites Register.

The range of habitats includes scrub, grassland, swamp and a species-rich marshy meadow. Within these habitats are a number of notable species including Midland Hawthorn, Soapwort and Purple Loosestrife. The rich marshy meadow is do’ by clumps of soft rush and sedge with tussocks of tufted hair grass and a variety of herbs.

Trowell Marsh provides a home during the summer months for Sedge Warblers and Whitethroats whilst a variety of small mammals, birds, invertebrates and insects occupy the area all year round.

The reserve can be reached by crossing the Erewash canal at the end of Hallam Fields Road, Ilkeston. Car parking is limited to available space at the end of the road. Hallam Fields Road can be reached from Crompton Street, Corporation Road or Longfield Lane, Ilkeston.

The site is not accessible by wheelchair or pushchair.

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