Community Wildspaces is a Groundwork Erewash Valley project, covering the maintenance, development, promotion and management of Local Nature Reserves and community greenspaces, throughout Amber Valley and Erewash.



Two joint funding bids to the English Nature Countdown 2010 fund and the ‘Enriching Nature’ programme from the SITA Trust by Groundwork Erewash Valley and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have recently been successful.

The bids compliment each other with particular focus on the priority BAP habitat of ‘lowland meadow’ and/or lowland dry acid grassland. The ‘Wild about Nature’ project will work on a number of sites throughout Lowland Derbyshire focussing on practical habitat management for biodiversity, promoting and empowering appropriate community involvement, and delivering interpretative events and educational activities.

The sites selected for inclusion in this project are all considered to be of high nature conservation value. Sites have been selected for the following reasons: -

1) Most are designated as Local Nature Reserves as well as being on the Derbyshire Wildife Sites register as non-statutory ‘Derbyshire Wildlife Sites’ and one site is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

2) One third of the sites were formerly supported by Groundwork Erewash Valley’s 'Community Wildspaces' project (supported by the HLF & EN) which successfully encouraged active community involvement, environmental education and 'friends of' groups. The 'Wild about Nature' project will build on the success, momentum and sustainability of this.

3) All of the sites have been surveyed by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (DWT) within the last five years and their management needs have been assessed.

4) The majority of the sites are known to support the priority Biodiversity Action Plan habitat ‘lowland meadow’ and/or lowland dry acid grassland. All of the sites are considered to be in an unfavourable condition as assessed by DWT, due to lack of long term, sustained management practices . The work will contribute towards HAP's & SAP's of the Lowland Derbyshire LBAP.

5) Species that should benefit from the work include plants such as bee orchid, cowslip, betony, adder’s-tongue fern and devil’s-bit scabious and animals including pipistrelle and brown long-eared bat and grassland and wetland invertebrates such as the emperor dragonfly and the dingy skipper butterfly.

The Community Wildspaces project develops opportunities for local people to enjoy, learn from and be inspired by the natural heritage on their doorstep. It also enables people to directly contribute, through practical action, to the maintenance and enhancement of that natural heritage.

It involves working on 25 sites across the boroughs of Amber Valley and Erewash, some of which are officially designated as Local Nature Reserves (LNRs).

All sites are managed as Community Wildspaces, with the dual aims of nature conservation and maximising the opportunities for local people to become involved, as users and as managers, in their local reserves.

To find out more about the Community Wildspaces project please follow the links below, for information about the sites, groups we are working with and opportunities for you to get involved:

For more detailed information about the Community Wildspaces projects in Amber Valley contact Tim Brooks.

For more detailed information about the Community Wildspaces projects in Erewash contact Marion Horton.


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