stranger in my house

“Stranger In My House” was commissioned by Amber Valley Borough Council. What was originally meant to be a 15-20 minute ‘video short’ about recovering heroin addicts, initially to be used for fund-raising purposes, turned out in the end as a 45 minute in-depth documentary, portraying the whole gritty reality of heroin addiction.

“Stranger” looked at the lives of a number of recovering heroin addicts from the local community and focussed on some of the obstacles that they faced whilst attempting to come off the drug. It also focussed on the ongoing support that is required - but not supplied - after giving up heroin and the effects such a habit has on society in general. The main strength of the production lay in the way we were able to bring together all the different people whose lives had become touched - in some way - by heroin addiction.

The production combined frank accounts from addicts and former addicts, police, support workers and bereaved parents of addicts. It also contained an original soundtrack, written and performed by Imagination Lab staff, which was later used in a live drama about heroin, called “See Saw”.


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