“Giving our heritage a voice that can be clearly understood today.”

In Derbyshire we are immensely fortunate in that we have a stunning natural heritage, coupled with a fascinating cultural and industrial heritage - including a designated World Heritage Site. But the care and promotion of our local heritage requires careful planning, maintenance and interpretation, so it can be appreciated and respected by the people who visit it and live within it. Groundwork in Derby & Derbyshire have an established reputation for our work in interpreting and nurturing our rich and diverse heritage.

Routeways & Country Walks:
walking is the country’s number one pastime. Due to the large numbers of people who enjoy walking as a pastime, routeways into the countryside and around rural areas have to be carefully planned and maintained, in partnership with many other groups and organisations, such as ramblers, landowners and local authorities, to name but a few. Groundwork in Derby & Derbyshire have a comprehensive - and growing - range of walks, both urban and rural, designed to suit all tastes and abilities. Backed up by a set of fully illustrated leaflets, our walks aim to balance the needs of the countryside, with the desire of the general public to experience it.
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Local Nature Reserves:
throughout our area, Groundwork manage a number of officially designated ‘Local Nature Reserves’, on behalf of Local Authority. These might be in rural locations, or, more often, they are what we term ‘green oases’, to be found in the middle of urban areas. Through the creation of locally-based ‘Friends’ groups, we actively involve the local community in the ongoing management of nature areas, thus fostering a strong sense of ownership, which in turn cuts down on vandalism and increases the site’s value to local people.

On-site Interpretation:
whether a location of natural, cultural, or industrial interest, there is always a need to increase public awareness of any given heritage site. If people are given the opportunity to learn about a site’s history and its heritage, then they learn to value the site too. At Groundwork we produce bespoke interpretation signs for all manner of sites. They contain useful information about the site, including maps and original illustrations. Our site signage can be designed to blend in with its environment, by using natural materials to ‘carry’ the sign, such as wood, or local stone.

Printed Interpretation:
even in today’s technological age, printed leaflets are still one of the most popular ways of getting your message across. A leaflet, like site signage, conveys an educational message with words and pictures, and, as visitors can take the leaflet away with them, it also serves as an excellent advertisement. Take a look at our Digital Media page, to find out other ways you can interpret our heritage.


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